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Student examining lichen at University of Arizona Plant Sciences exhibit.

We think that a school is a school, a student is a student, and a kid is a kid, no matter the educational setting! We have duplicated below a few of the most relevant Frequently Asked Questions that also appear on the Teachers page – however, everything you’ll find under the Teachers page applies to you, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can home school groups apply to attend?

Absolutely! All homeschool groups may apply for their Grade 4-8 students to attend (but not the others grades in their group). Some organize groups within their homeschool affiliation and others come independently. Check with other homeschoolers that you are affiliated with to see if they are applying.

Can small private groups or families register to attend?

No, because we need to limit the number of students who are invited to attend.

Can we apply for groups other than grades four through eight?

No, unfortunately not. We simply cannot serve all people who want to attend the festival. We target grades four through eight because studies show that students in that age range often lose interest in math and science. We want to reinforce how cool math and science can be to this age group. We hope that you understand, and will help us by complying with these guidelines.