staff1Why volunteer at Arizona STEM Adventure?

You are needed and appreciated! In previous years, we received hundreds of cards and letters annually from the students who attended our previous event, FunFest. Many were filled with gratitude for the time we took to share just a glimpse into the professional world of math and science professions. From those cards and letters, it's easy to see that when you volunteer at this kind of event, you are truly making a difference in Southern Arizona's educational community. Teachers and students alike return to their classrooms excited and inspired to learn more about mathematics and science.

How to participate as a volunteer at Arizona STEM Adventure

We want to have as many math and science fields as possible represented at Arizona STEM Adventure. If you enjoy sharing your passion about science and math with students, we have a place for you! If you do not have time to create your own interactive workshop, we can use your talents to help with existing workshops. When registration for the 2017 event opens, please sign up using our form if you are interested in becoming a volunteer, and please be sure to list any special interests or professional background that you have. We will make every attempt to match you with an exhibit that can use your skills. If you are already part of an exhibit team, please note that on your registration form.

Intended audiences

Our intended audience are public, private, and home-schooled students. We focus on students in grades four through eight. We do require a student-to-adult ratio of 8-to-1, so many teachers and parent chaperones are also in attendance.