Why volunteer at Arizona STEM Adventure?

You are needed and appreciated! On November 22nd 1,000 4th-8th Grade students will come to Pima Community College Northwest Campus for the Arizona STEM Adventure. Our goal is to get more than 250 volunteers to make this event a success for all the kids. Thank you for helping make this event possible!

In previous years, we received hundreds of cards and letters annually from the students who attended event. Many were filled with gratitude for the time volunteers like you took to share just a glimpse into the professional world of math and science professions. From those cards and letters, it’s easy to see that when you volunteer at this kind of event, you are truly making a difference in Southern Arizona’s educational community. Teachers and students alike return to their classrooms excited and inspired to learn more about mathematics and science.

Volunteer Opportunities (subject to change)

  • Pre-event (7:00am-12:30pm) Set-up, Parking lot attendant,
    Volunteer duties will consist of assisting with setting up the parking lot as needed, providing traffic directions, working traffic flow, and assisting exhibitors with pre-event setup.
  • Event (8:00am- 1:30pm)
    Volunteer duties will consist of assisting with navigating the campus and event with the 4th-8th graders. You must be familiar with all areas of the Northwest Campus and enjoy working with school children. Or, you could be assigned to assist an exhibitor with their activities. You would also be responsible to keep track of time for the activities to ensure the maximum numbers of students can experience each exhibitor’s activity. DO NOT complete this volunteer sign-up if you have been directly recruited by an exhibitor or Faculty Instructor to help with their exhibit / activity.
  • Event/Post-event (10:30am-3:30pm). Parking lot attendant, general clean-up
    Volunteers will be responsible for assisting with trash/general clean-up, parking lot attendant and ability to assist with traffic flow, classroom clean-up, etc.

All volunteers are asked to attend a training so you know what to expect!

Trainings will be held in advance.

How to participate as a volunteer at Arizona STEM Adventure

We want to have as many math and science fields as possible represented at Arizona STEM Adventure. If you enjoy sharing your passion about science and math with students, we have a place for you! If you do not have time to create your own interactive workshop, we can use your talents to help with existing workshops.

Please indicate your interest in volunteering here, and we will let you know when registration opens!

Intended audiences

Our intended audience are public, private, and home-schooled students. We focus on students in grades four through eight. We do require a student-to-adult ratio of 8-to-1, so many teachers and parent chaperones are also in attendance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I individually register if I am part of an exhibit/workshop that my organization is bringing to Arizona STEM Adventure?

Because we like to thank our volunteers after the event, and have preprinted name tags for everyone at the festival, we ask that each person working in a booth let us know they are coming. Please specify which workshop or exhibit you will be working at, or that you need to be assigned to one.

Do I have to participate at Arizona STEM Adventure for the full day?

The hours for the event are 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. We ask that volunteers arrive early (8:30 a.m. or earlier) and, if at all, possible stay for the entire event. Professional organizations, companies, and educational institutions can register to bring an exhibit or workshop to Arizona STEM Adventure by registering their booth or workshop for the event. If you are part of an organization bringing an exhibit, but are not the “exhibit owner,” please ask them to let us know you are coming.  If you are not yet assigned let us know what you would like to do!

We do not require that you attend all day, but it is easier for all involved if you can. (Of course, we are grateful for any time that you can volunteer to help make this wonderful event possible!) If you have questions, please contact our planning committee, and we will contact you as quickly as possible.

How many students should we expect, and what are their age ranges?

We currently expect 900—1,000 students and about 200 teachers and chaperones to be selected to attend Arizona STEM Adventure. We limit registration to grades four through eight.

Is food available for purchase?

Volunteers Break RoomThe Pima Community College Northwest Campus has only a limited opportunity for food purchase on site during Arizona STEM Adventure. However, the planning committee will a complimentary lunch for all volunteers. Coffee and light snacks will be available in the morning. We encourage you to take at least one break in the morning, and to drink lots of water. Water bottles will be available for all volunteers to keep in their exhibit area.

Is parking free at Pima Community College Northwest Campus?

Our very generous Pima Community College Northwest Campus sponsors are providing ample parking for us.

What should we wear?

We strongly encourage you to wear comfortable clothes appropriate for whatever type of hands-on demonstration you will be doing. Please make sure that your clothing is age-appropriate, and not offensive to students in attendance. We strongly encourage you to wear polo shirts, T-shirts or lab coats with your company or organization logo on it to advertise its involvement in Arizona STEM Adventure.

Can we sell anything, or provide giveaways or handouts to students and teachers?

Because we are providing a free field trip to local area schools, we do not allow you to sell any type of goods at the Arizona STEM Adventure. However, we do encourage you to bring reference materials for the students and teachers who attend. Handouts or giveaway products that advertise your organization (and the service they provide) are also HIGHLY encouraged. Please be sure that all materials are age-appropriate and non-offensive.

Are police officers or emergency medical teams available in the event of an accident?

We will have Pima Community College police officers and security personnel roaming the area during Arizona STEM Adventure. We have emergency first-aid kits available at the Student Life Center, and emergency medical teams can be called if necessary. Please be sure to report any suspicious behavior from students to the appropriate authorities – either any member of the Arizona STEM Adventure Planning Committee or police officers on site. Also be sure to report to the planning committee any incidents that may occur. Most schools want to know if their students are misbehaving.

Why do you ask volunteers to complete an evaluation?

We will try to incorporate “lessons learned” from teachers and workshop owners to improve next year’s Arizona STEM Adventure.  Your comments are so important to us because we want Arizona STEM Adventure to be a great experience for all. Please be sure to sign in so that an evaluation can be emailed to you. Please take time to fill out your evaluation. We read each and every one of them!